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"Pills," Pints, and Pixies--A Thursday Night With Stress Dolls

Thursday’s crowd at Milkie’s on Elmwood was undoubtedly on the smaller side, but that was no problem for Stress Dolls. The presence of a smaller group helped amplify the thick and confident vocals coming from frontwoman Chelsea O’Donnell--both figuratively and literally. As the set progressed, the group relaxed into the atmosphere and presented us all with some tunes we could really rock out to.

One of my personal favorites from the night was their most recent single, “Pills.” Chelsea’s uniquely deep, fervent voice pairs well with the poignant subject matter of the song. The overall aura that Stress Dolls puts out doesn’t keep you wondering about anything. They put it all out on the table with every hit of the snare, every bass line, every rhythmic guitar riff, and every unapologetic lyric.

The artists formerly known as Wolf, now currently known as Stress Dolls, put on quite the show this past Thursday night. With a wealth of merch ready on a table flanking the room and anticipation vibes filling the air, they wooed the crowd with new songs, old songs, and a fantastic Pixies cover.

Stress Doll’s new single, "Pills," is available now on their Bandcamp site. It's one of four songs that they recorded for their forthcoming EP.


1. Headache 2. Crazy 3. Alaska 4. High Anxiety 5. Here Comes Your Man (Pixies) 6. Pills 7. Swollen 8. Curves & Edges

Name change & NEW SONG!

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