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Touché Amore at The Waiting Room

Post-hardcore band Touché Amore stopped by The Waiting Room this week, making their long awaited return to the Buffalo area. It's been a long few years since the LA natives graced Western NY with their presence, and there's been lot's of material released by the band in that time. Since their show at Mohawk Place back in 2011, Touché Amore has released 2 full-length records, and a handful of 7" EPs.

The crowd was certainly brought up to speed with the packed setlist that spanned the band's discography, including songs that are still in their infancy, off their latest album "Stage Four", released in September.

Having seen these guys play festivals, and larger rooms in NYC, it's no secret that they can work a crowd of any size. But seeing them again in a smaller, more intimate setting like The Waiting Room, brought an energy that the band thrives in.

Along for the ride on this tour is Tiny Moving Parts and Culture Abuse, both with new releases out this year. The chemistry between the 3 bands on tour was boasted onstage by Touche Amore's Jeremy Bolm, who went on to say their friendships have succeeded at battling the occasional touring depression.

Touché Amoré - "New Halloween"

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