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Glasgow Coma Scale: Enter Oblivion

I often find that instrumental albums can be a little tricky to describe, especially to people that are not entirely used to them. They typically don’t follow your usual songwriting conventions, not even by

progressive rock standards. Sometimes you get the moody, ethereal feel of Gordian Knot. Other times it’s the frantic prog-metal, organized chaos that is Animals as Leaders. Or you have Liquid Tension Experiment that ranges anywhere from a heavy metal jam session to a carefully composed film score to a movie that no one knows about.

Today we have Enter Oblivion, the newest release from German trio Glasgow Coma Scale. The

band is anchored by brothers Piotr and Marek Kowalski who are classically trained musicians and it shows. This collection of songs definitely carry more of the carefully mapped-out vibe to them. Still, this record takes you on an emotional journey which can be tough when you don’t have lyrics to convey it. It appeals to a range of senses that will energize you on a tune like Sonda or have you completely lost in your own thoughts during Venice Calling. I don’t know that I would consider this album progressive as a whole, but Birthland is full of prog-rock goodness.

Normally I would point out a few tracks that stand out but to do that here would be criminal. Enter Oblivion is definitely a full record experience. You can easily use it as a soundtrack as you go on a road trip, sit down to read a book, or even try to get some work done. But I recommend sitting still with your eyes closed and absorbing the magic as it happens and experience the music, not just listening to it. Your brain will thank you.

Enter Oblivion was released December 12th on Fluttery Records.

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