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Danko Jones: Wild Cat

Upbeat, high energy, and full of attitude. Danko Jones’ “Wild Cat” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it sure does bend it, lather it in gasoline, and light in on fire. “Wild Cat” packs a punch, with 11 songs that are all very digestible in length, catchy, yet ballsy. His newest release, seems to have picked up where its predecessor “Fire Music” had left off in terms of attitude and tone. At no point does this album really slow down. Almost every song contains a very punchy beat, incredibly hooky vocal lines, slamming guitars, and intricate synthesizer riffs. Okay, just kidding about the synth riffs, but the rest is true! Each track varies from the rest, while still retaining that “punk” attitude, incredibly catchy vocal lines, and at times has an almost “rockabilly” and bluesy vibe which sticks out on tracks such as the title track, “Wild Cat.” “Everybody wants a whole lotta’ rhythm, gotta do a little kickin’. If you can’t, then just go home.”- a good summary for approaching this disc. This line comes from “Let’s Start Dancin’” which will make you want to aggressively dance. And drink. It will make you aggressively drink-dance, and that’s okay. Other standout tracks include the title track which has a “swingin’” vibe, as well as the opening track “I Gotta Rock.” The world does not need any more songs about needing to rock, or anthems dedicated to the genre, but this is an exception. It sets a great pace for the album: Hard hitting, yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it WILL get stuck in your head. Overall, this album is certainly worth picking up. If you’ve had a bad day, and you just need to bang your head to something you can sing along to, this is a safe bet to keep in your arsenal. Danko Jones’ “WildCat” is available March3, 2016. For more album reviews, show reviews, and news, visit us at

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