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Epica and Lacuna Coil in Orlando, FL

Epica have just wrapped up the last few dates of "The Ultimate Principle Tour," in support of last year's album "The Holographic Principle" and the newly released "The Solace System" EP. For this leg of the tour, they brought Lacuna Coil as direct support, along with Insomnium. We caught up with the tour at their stop on September 24th in Orlando, Florida where they performed at The Plaza Live.

Insomnium definitely left an interesting impression. They had amazing vocals that were paired with an energy that you can tell is the embodiment of their band. Their intense set of Finish metal was the perfect kickoff for a long and intense evening of metal.

Next, we had Lacuna Coil, who’s celebrating nearly twenty years together. They were amazing, in what looked to be very creative clothing that looks to be inspired from the undead. They brought it to the stage for the crowd, with amazing vocals by Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia. They opened with "Ultima Ratio" off of 2016's "Delirium" album. They jumped right into the hit "Spellbound" and "Die and Rise" before performing "Heaven's a Lie" from their breakthrough album "Comalies." They continued with a series of career spanning hits including "Trip the Darkness" and "Our Truth" before closing the twelve song set with "Delirium" opening track, "The House of Shame." It's a rare treat to see Lacuna Coil touring here in North America. They were an ideal addition to this lineup and certainly added to what has turned out to be a very worthy and memorable tour.

Then it was time for Epica to finally come on stage. They closed the show with an amazing light set up along with very talented vocals by Simone Simons. Their set began with "Edge of the Blade," the lead single from 2016's "The Holographic Principle." Shortly after, they performed "Wheel of Destiny," a brand new track from their new EP, "The Solace System." Around mid-set, Lacuna Coil's Christina Scabia returned to the stage to join Epica for a powerful performance of "Storm the Sorrow." They showed the audience what it means to have a good time and what its like to just enjoy the music.

This album cycle has seen Epica now complete two separate legs throughout North America, proving that they are committed to developing their fan base here. If this show's display was any indication, it's safe to say that they'll be welcome here again and again in the future!

Photo Gallery - All photos by Roxy Faith Alexandria


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