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Periphery - Hail Stan

Periphery is looking to make 2019 a year of statements and no apologies. Releasing their Sixth studio album Hail Stan, the guys are also doing so independently for the first time ever, since stepping away from Sumerian Records. This 9 track album unleashes a fresh and dynamic take on the Periphery sound, one that must be experienced more than a few times through. Looking ahead we will take an in depth look at these tracks and examine and give our insight to this fresh sound from Periphery.

“Reptile” is the longest song ever recorded by the band at a staggering 16 minutes and 44 seconds long! This track is a venomous and will give you something to bang your head to while letting in some dark breaths of shredding guitars and insanely wild vocals from singer Spencer Sotelo, this song might be long, but admit it, were totally fine with that.

“Blood Eagle” is an anthem for anyone preparing for a fight, war, a game, or to throw down while driving in your car. Sic vis pacem para bellum, “If you want peace, prepare for war”. This is a very aggressive and compelling song when stripped to its bones. Take this track into any situation to pump yourself up and prepare for war with tasty solos and a raging drum beat all strategically placed throughout this song.

“Chvrch Burner” is an all out assault on the senses from the first note in. Putting on a vulgar display of power, vocalist Sotelo shows off his talents in length on “Chvrch Burner” leaving everything in its path in ashes. The song has probably one of the most interesting endings to a Periphery song to date. This one is definitely a helcious track!

Now normally we would run down the entire record and give a track by track breakdown, telling you everything you should expect from a record. That’s not what needs to be done here. With a record like Hail Stan, it needs to be experienced by the listener, to be felt in your core. This is a record made for the fans by the band, it’s important to still buy music and remember why we all fell in love with it. This record is a reminder of what’s good about music. Periphery has created a thunderous piece of work for us all to bang our heads to, play some air guitar and mosh with our friends.

Be sure to grab your copy of Hail Stan and catch Periphery on tour in support of this kick ass record in your closest city. You can find there tour dates here:

Periphery - Blood Eagle (Official Music Video)

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