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Edge of Paradise - 'The Unknown'

One of the most exciting things in the world, is looking forward to a new release from one of my long-time favorite bands. That's not what happened here, though. To be honest, I was aware of Edge of Paradise, and I'd sampled a few tracks in the past. I always got the appeal, but as everyone knows, it's really hard for something new to bubble its way to the surface. So, it's worth keeping that in mind when I say I've already listened to 'The Unknown' well over a dozen times before writing this review.

I'm really not big on labeling something "album of the year," because our tastes in music are so fluid and subjective. That said, I can confidently declare that 'The Unknown' will absolutely be my single most played album of 2021.

From the lead song (also the first single) "Digital Paradise," this album sinks it's teeth in and never lets go. Collectively, the album is somewhat of a concept album centering around space and the digital world. Fortunately, it's tied together loose enough so as to allow each song to stand out on its own, and every single one of them does! Still, there are a few here that will grab even the most casual listener and demand their attention. Throughout the album, vocalist Margarita Monet balances an aggressive and in-your-face vocal approach at times, while putting her incredible range on display when it's called for, and her vocals absolutely soar on this album! The rest of the band provides an exceptional palate for her to work, making this album an unquestionably melodic heavy metal release. For me, this checks a lot of the same boxes as a release like Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere in Time.' As new songs are released, this will be increasingly more evident. For the time being, here's a few highlights that really stood out.

The newest single, "My Method Your Madness," just dropped on Tuesday and you can check out the brand new video for it here. It's a solid track and a great choice for the new single. It's also probably the closest anything on this album comes to being "pop rock."

The title track, "The Unknown" comes up next. It begins with a slow build "The weight of the world, it can paralyze...paralyze. Sometimes, I fear the unknown. Do you think that time, will turn us to stone? I wish I could relive, some moments." After reaching the early climax, the song explodes and you'll find yourself "I find strength in the un-know-o-own!"

"I can confidently declare that 'The Unknown' will absolutely be my single most played album of 2021."

"Tidal Wave" is my personal favorite of the album. It begins with a seething vocal display as Monet unleashes "What can come next? We just can't catch no break!" The rhythm section is next level here and the keyboards are used sparingly, but to great effect as they elevate the song from to a whole other dimension as Monet screams "I'm a tidal wave, I'll rip through your heart!" Take note, you'll have this one on repeat for ages!

The next stand-out is "False Idols." On this track, the space opera continues as a scene is painted similar to that of the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx in Rush's classic "2112." If you've ever been caught playing air-guitar to some crazy riffs that you simply can't get out of your head,'s about to happen again. This song is a banger and, like the rest of this album, it's going to be with you for the foreseeable future.

I could go track-by-track and detail how much I'm enjoying this album so far, but we have something way better in store in the coming weeks. We'll be bringing you some great Edge of Paradise exclusives, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, go pre-order a copy of this album. I've already nabbed one of these beautiful blue vinyl copies from their US Store: Edge Of Paradise 'The Unknown' (


1. Digital Paradise

2. My Method Your Madness

3. Tidal Wave

4. The Unknown

5. Believe

6. False Idols

7. You Touch You Die

8. One Last Time

9. Leaving Earth

10. Bound To The Rhythm

11. My Method Your Madness (Industrial Remix) Bonus Track


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