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Interview: City Awake

Founded in 2018, City Awake have been making their way into the ears and eyes of the good people of Kentucky and surrounding areas with their sensational performances and recent single ‘Black Thread’ which they have also recently released a music video for that has garnered over 10k views. Lead by front-man and guitarist Justin Tackett, this Georgetown/Lexington based band is one of today’s brightest up and comers with no signs of stopping.

We had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the entire band to discuss songwriting, shows, and aspirations of the band’s future. Make sure you click the video and track it down on iTunes or Spotify. This was a fun one!

Brandon: "Have you guys found yourselves being inspired by things—certain pressures or situations?"

City Awake: "I don’t really think about the pandemic influencing our material much, but definitely though it’s opened our eyes to a lot of things."

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Check out City Awake's latest video for "Black Thread" below:


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