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Interview: Corey Coverstone Of Dirty Honey

Photo by: Alex Solca

It’s not very often that drummers get the attention that they deserve. When you take into consideration all that it takes to be the band's timekeeper, drumming comes with many challenges as well as its many memorable moments. Corey Coverstone is an entire show all on his own. I first noticed this talented drummer when I caught When I’m Gone for the first time on the radio. I thought to myself “this drummer is damn good”. Fast forward to 2019, I was covering a show in St. Louis and I was fortunate enough to see this talented drummer up close. Boy, was I in for a treat! Corey played that show with so much passion and like it was his last show ever. Beating the hell out of that kit as if it owed him money.

After the show I went to make my way to the band’s Merch booth as they had impressed me so much that I wanted to support them and buy some kick ass merch, I was delighted to find the entire band minus Corey, smiling and saying hello to their fans. When I asked where Corey was, Marc mentioned he was “changing because he just played one of the best shows I’ve ever seen him play” and I couldn’t have agreed more! Having said that, when I conceived the idea of hosting a series with drummers, I knew I had to get Corey on the show!

Now it is with great privilege that we bring you our first episode of the Drummer Series with Corey Coverstone.

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