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Asking Alexandria Leads 10 Years in the Black Tour through Buffalo

Last month, we hit up the Town Ballroom for the Sumerian Records 10 Years in the Black, anniversary tour, headlined by Asking Alexandria.

The tour features a stacked line up of six bands from the labels roster including, Bad Omens, Upon a Burning Body, After the Burial, Born of Osiris, and I See Stars.

The show also took place the night after our recent whirlwind of an election, so musical healing seemed to be exactly what the crowd needed. It was clear that despite the depression over the results of the night before, political differences were left at the door, as the music of all 6 bands was fully embraced by fans who were ready a release.

"Forget all the crazy shit in the world right now and lose yourself to the music!" one front man demanded of the fans.

For Asking Alexandria, this tour acts as almost a rebirth of sorts, as their old frontman Danny Worsnop has recently re-joined this past October, having settled previous issues with the band. Dropping songs from their latest album "The Black" from their setlist made room for more fan favorites that span the band's discography, many that haven't been performed in years. Asking Alexandria were greeted with a sea of Danny cheers before even taking the stage. It was especially refreshing to witness the band's seemlessly smooth onstage chemistry. Each break between songs was filled with rich stage banter and childish dirty jokes that would make Blink-182 proud. There was even time for a couple improve jam sessions; giving birth to two never before heard gems entitled "I'm Gonna Fist Him In The Piss Hole", and "Can't Get A Boner Because I Took Too Much Ecstasy". I think it's safe to say that neither of those "hits" will see the light of day again.

With new music on the horizon, and a European outing scheduled for early next year, the future of the band looks promising.

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