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Exclusive: - Interview with Jake E on Amaranthe Exit

Today, Jake E officially announced his departure from Swedish metal band Amaranthe, after an incredible eight year climb. Jake was kind enough to grand us a few minutes to discuss the matter, as well as a look back on his time with Amaranthe, and slightly ahead at what may be to come...

Q: Today, you made the official announcement that you are parting ways with Amaranthe. It seems this decision may have been coming for some time. Was there a moment that you realized you needed to move in a different direction?

Jake: Well, It is never an easy decision to do things like this. But being in a band is like being in a relationship, Sometimes you just grow apart.

Q: Musically, you and the band have given us an incredibly unique and exciting experience with what Amaranthe has brought to the table so far. Do you see yourself heading in a completely new direction as you move ahead, or is this a style you look forward to working with again?

Jake: I have recently followed up on another dream of mine which is acting, So I shoot two movies last year one of them is this one ( )

And on top of that I have Produced the debut album of the Finnish band Ember Falls ( release Feb17th ) alongside with writing songs both for myself and others.

In a month or so I will announce what I will do musically as well :-)

Q: Do you have a favorite memory or story from your time with Amaranthe that you'd like to reminisce about for your fans?

Jake: The fans! Oh my.. It´s a story on its own. I wanna take the opportunity to thank them for making this last decade to what it has been! The bands fans is just the best! and has given me so much in return!

Q: As you close at this chapter for yourself, this is also the end of a chapter for Amaranthe. What are some of your proudest accomplishments of what the band accomplished during your time there?

Jake: I´d say all the hard work and sleepless nights I put in in the beginning of the bands career to get us out on tours etc etc using all my contacts and see it bear fruit in the end!

Q: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans as you embark on your new path, apart from Amaranthe?

Jake: Well, Don´t abandon me just yet! stay put because there will be more news really soon!

Q: Should fans look forward to hearing some of their favorite Amaranthe tunes performed live in your next venture?

Jake: That is way too hard to answer yet. but I will be back on stage and tours so who knows?

Q: Would you be interesting in touring North America again with a future project?

Jake: hehe Absolutely! I will be back sooner then you think!

Thank you again for your time. We look forward to continuing coverage of your career, no matter where it leads you. Very best of luck to you, Jake!

Jake: Thanks for having me! I hope we talk soon again when I can reveal some more things

Check out the trailer for Jake's new movie below, as well as the new music video for Ember Falls. We will be posting our review of Ember Falls' debut album here shortly on Alive N' Loud. We look forward to whatever Jake may have in store around the corner. Feel free to leave him a note below in the comments.

1 % - Den inre rösten ( The Voice within ) Teaser

Ember Falls - The Cost Of Doing Business (Lyric Video)​

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