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Mayday Parade Close Out 'A Lesson in Romantics' Anniversary Tour in Orlando

This week, Mayday Parade finished off their 10th Anniversary Tour of their album, 'A Lesson in Romantics' with a final stop in Orlando, Florida. Along for the ride were Knuckle Puck and Milestones UK.

Throughout this tour, Mayday Parade played "A Lesson in Romantics' in its entirety, along with several other hits each night. Knuckle Puck are currently touring in support of their 2015 debut album, 'Copacetic' Rounding out the linelup is the UK based punk outfit, Milestones UK.

We caught the last date on this tour, but it looks like most of these bands will be pretty busy this summer. Check out our photo gallery below, and go check these bands out on tour!

Mayday Parade - May 26th, 2017: Orlando, Florida

Knuckle Puck - May 26th, 2017: Orlando, Florida

Milestones UK - May 26th, 2017: Orlando, Florida

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