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Arch Enemy - Will To Power

Arch Enemy are back! Three years after surprising the metal community with the sudden replacement of long-time singer Angela Gossow with Alissa White-Gluz (formerly of Canadian metal outfit The Agonist), Arch Enemy are back with "Will To Power." This effort ups the ante from where they left off with 2014's "War Eternal."

The album kids off with a brief instrumental combining a gripping melody with sirens on "Set Flame to the Night" before diving face first into "The Race."

The first single from the album, "The World is Yours" kicks off a full-tilt and simply never lets up. This was a well chosen track to preview the album and will undoubtedly be a crowd favorite during their upcoming run off shows. Immediately following is the next track to be released, "The Eagle Flies Alone." This one again comes with the signature Arch Enemy melodies paired with churning guitars while White-Gluz shouts her anthem "I, I go my own way/I swim against the stream/Forever I will fight the pοwers that be/The eagle flies alone!"

The next track is noticeable change of pace, as we're introduced to White-Gluz' clean vocals for the first time with Arch Enemy. Don't worry purists, there are plenty of her harsh vocals laced throughout this track as well. Another standout track on this album is "First Day in Hell," influenced by the stories White-Gluz' grandparents would tell her about their experiences in Nazi concentration camps during the holocaust. We have included a video Alissa did for Revolver here, as she discusses these influences:

Lyric Dissector EP 1: Arch Enemy "First Day in Hell" | Revolvermag

The home stretch of the album features a with a string of excellent tracks including "Dreams of Retribution," another stellar track to hopefully make the cut when touring this fall. The last track, "A Fight I Must Win," coming in at 6:38 features an epic guitar intro before heading into a driving rhythm and a symphonic backdrop.

"Will to Power" amounts to another solid effort from Arch Enemy. This is sure to please the base, and with infections melodies that they're known for woven throughout this entire album, they're likely to hook a lot of new fans along the way, too. "Will To Power" is available now via Century Media Records.

Arch Enemy and Trivium are co-headlining a tour this fall across North America with While She Sleeps and Fit For an Autopsy. Click the banner for tickets!



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