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Chase Atlantic - Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida

Chase Atlantic, an alternative R&B group from Australia, recently released their debut album, self-titled, “Chase Atlantic,” on October 4th via Warner Bros. Records, and luckily enough we were able to see them for their tour stop on November 2nd in Orlando, Florida where they performed at BackBooth Bar.

It was right before Chase Atlantic came on stage that fog started to appear on stage, causing the crowd to go wild, screaming for the group minutes before they were even on stage. They had a very good stage set up, with a LED screen behind the drums that played videos correlating to each song.

As soon as Chase Atlantic was on stage, the crowd was under their control, jumping along to the music. The band performed with an amazing amount of energy, really bringing it for the crowd.

The lights were all over the place shining back and forth between the crowd and band lighting up the venue with all different crazy colors, really giving Chase Atlantic that vibe of energy that they had for the crowd. This crowd was very energetic, but with each song, the energy kept growing more and more.

Later in the week, we followed the tour to Jacksonville, where Chase Atlantic played at Jack Rabbits. While the current tour is just about wrapped up, they're kicking things off again on February 2nd in Seattle, WA with a string of dates running through mid-March. Make sure you catch a show when they come through town!

November 2nd, 2017 - Orlando, FL: All photos by Roxy Faith Alexandria

November 5th, 2017 - Jacksonville, FL: All photos by Roxy Faith Alexandria

Chase Atlantic - "Okay" (Official Music Video)​

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