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Chevelle - Niagara Falls, New York

This past Saturday December 9th the infamous trio (and I have to say the coolest family band ever) Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler and Dean Bernardini, together known as Chevelle, graced our presence at the Rapids theater in Niagara Falls, NY as the 9th stop of their Winter tour. Talk about a triple threat. I may be a bit bias as these guys have been a personal favorite of mine for roughly two decades. Not one of their many albums have even slightly disappointed. But live, let me just say, they kill it. End of story. They casually walked on stage opening the set with “Young wicked”, a track off of the newest album “The North Corridor”. Things quickly heated up with “The Clincher” then “Get Some”. They went on continuing a roughly 1&1/2 hour long set with both newer tracks and classic hits such as “Joyride (The Omen)”, “Vitamin R”, “Face to the Floor”, and “I Get It”, then finished with a perfect encore of “The Red”, “Comfortable Liar” and “Send the Pain Below”.

*See full set list below*

These three guys bring a powerful hit to the ears (in a good pure rock kind of way) just as solid, if not more so as a larger 5 or 6 member band. Their combined stage presence grabs the crowds attention and holds it tight for the duration and the energy radiates and lingers long after the show is over. They are definitely a force to be reckoned with. If you get the chance to get out and see them live certainly don’t miss it! You won’t regret because they don’t


Set list 12/9/17 Rapids Theater Niagara Falls, NY

1) Young Wicked

2) The Clincher

3) Get Some

4) Take Out The Gunman

5) Piñata

6) Joyride (The Omen)

7) Face to the Floor

8) Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)

9) Jars

10) Saferwaters

11) Still Running

12) I Get It

13) An Island

14) Door to Door Cannibals

15) Hats Off to the Bull


16) The Red

17) Comfortable Liar

18) Send the Pain Below

Sunny Los Angeles based Aeges braved the frigid Western New York temperatures to heat up the stage as they opened for Chevelle this past Saturday Dec. 9th at the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, NY.

The four piece band is led by the talented vocal/guitarist duo of Kemble Walters and Cory Clark. With Tony Baumeister on bass and the energetic Mike Land beating the drums, Aeges creates a synergy of sound that wowed the crowd. To put it simply, these guys came to play and play hard. With one of the more unique sounds in modern rock, they seamlessly converge slamming guitar riffs and heavy drums with the smooth yet forceful vocals from the duo of singers. In the wrong hands, combining these elements could prove disastrous yet Aeges makes it work to set them apart from their contemporaries.

Though their set was sadly only an hour or so long, it was packed full of aggressive guitars, energetic vocals, and tireless drums. Hair was thrashing at every corner of the stage, yet Aeges remained perfectly polished throughout the night. The Western New York crowd had a spirited reaction as they took in the dynamic sounds of Aeges. When Kemble Walters wrapped up the set and humbly thanked the audience, I think he knew that Aeges had earned quite a few new fans. If you haven’t heard them before, take some time to listen to their latest album “Weightless.” This is a band to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open wide for in the future.

Photo Gallery: Andrea Richards

Photo Gallery: Chris Coppola

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