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Silverstein & Tonight Alive - Buffalo, NY

Last week, Silverstein made their return to the Town Ballroom, in Buffalo, on the tail end of the Get Free Tour. They made their trek across the United States with Austrailian’s Tonight Alive, and Picturesque. Coming from just a short trip over the border, the Burlington, Ontario natives are no strangers to Buffalo, and have always been met with a warm welcome by fans. Silverstein has been a favorite of mine now for over a decade now, and I’ve managed to catch their live show countless times. The first time I saw these guys was at the same venue, back in 2005, while on tour with Hawthorne Heights, Bayside, and Aiden, and if I remember correctly, they stole the show, sealing my fate as a fan for many years to follow. They are just one of those bands that have remained consistently awesome over time with every record they release.

The band continues to evolve and keep their set fresh and interesting, while still keeping their classic staples firmly intact. Flipping things on their head a bit, they stuck “Bleeds No More”, one of their oldest fan-favorites that use to be an assumed show closer, right in the beginning of their set. I personally love when bands change up the formula like this, and open the show with a bang.

The latest album, Dead Reflection (2017), is still pretty new to most, but the band had no trouble working in a handful of songs that got great responses from the crowd. If you haven’t yet, add these guys to your list of must see bands in the future, and you wont be sorry that you did.

This was actually my second time seeing Tonight Alive opening at the Ballroom. Although truthfully, they aren’t a band I’ve followed at all, both times they’ve left me extremely impressed by their knack to work a crowd with incredible stage presence. Jenna McDougall is a powerhouse, covering all corners of the stage while seamlessly engaging and interacting with fans.

Silverstein Setlist:

1. Ghost

2. Bleeds No More

3. Massachusetts

4. Whiplash

5. Lost Positives

6. Smashed Into Pieces

7. Smile In Your Sleep

8. Sound of The Sun

9. Sacrifice

10. Arrivals

11. My Heroine

12. Retrograde

13. A Midwestern State of Emergency

14. Broken Stars

15. Discovering the Waterfront

16. The Afterglow

Silverstein: All photos by Keith Barker

Tonight Alive: All photos by Keith Barker

Picturesque: All photos by Keith Barker

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