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Lights & Chase Atlantic - Orlando, FL

In September of last year, Lights released her newest album “Skin & Earth” and has spent plenty of time promoting it, along with its comic book companion. We had a chance to catch her in Orlando, Florida at the Beacham almost two months into her current tour which was under the name “We Were Here.” She was accompanied by DCF, an artist from Canada, and Chase Atlantic, an Australian alternative pop group.

DFC started the show to amplify the growing excitement as fans continued to fill up the venue. He came out onto the stage in a prince costume and rattled the energy in the room. His stage presence held a certain charm that had people swaying back and forth and laughing every time he spoke. His style was represented of pop, but had a flair that every solo artist should have. He was able to grab everyone’s attention even though their anticipation for what was to come.

As if the energy wasn’t already flowing, Chase Atlantic had the crowd bouncing. Their unique alternative sound was riddled with rock elements that caused their performance to truly stand out. They really knew how to get a crowd going. This was evident by the overwhelming amount of people who knew every word and made a point to rock out. Mitchell Cave, the band’s front-man, was an amazing crowd pleaser. His demands for everyone to get involved by throwing their hands up or getting off their feet were obeyed by a great majority of those listening. They truly got the blood flowing in the room.

As the crowd anticipated Lights’ turn on stage, the excitement in the atmosphere was contagious. The energy in the room amplified the second Lights began as if someone flipped a switch. As a performer, Lights is legendary. Her array of songs, ranging from old to new, was absolutely perfect due to its ability to please everyone in the room. No one was standing still as Lights sang her heart out and the fans followed her lead. There were many times where the crowd could be heard clearly over her, singing along to every word. From slow, heartfelt ballads to energetic declarations of power, the vibrancy of the night was never ending.

The show was an overall hit and Lights was a great headliner with such a striking and powerful performance.

Lights Photo Gallery: All photos by Roxy Faith Alexandria

Chase Atlantic Photo Gallery: All photos by Roxy Faith Alexandria

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