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Senses Fail - Buffalo, NY

Senses Fail made their return to Buffalo, NY recently as part of their current cross -country tour, with support from Household, Have Mercy, and Reggie and The Full Effect. The band is currently fresh off the release of their 8th studio album, If There Is Light, It Will Find You. Despite the record only coming out a few weeks ago, the crowd seemed to really embrace the new songs that have made their way to the set list; a huge testament to their loyal fan base, and ability to put out consistently awesome records throughout the span of their career. I’ve had If There Is A Light on repeat since it’s release. The album seems to really harken back to a sound and mentality that had me fall in love with Senses Fail back in High School, and I was thrilled to hear some of my new favorites like “Double Cross” and “Elevator To The Gallows” performed lived.

Being roughly in the same age range, this is a group that I’ve been able to grow up with. I’ve always felt that I could identify with much of their lyrical content, and the latest release only continues that trend as they continue to evolve with what’s going on outside in the world. It’s especially endearing hearing front man Buddy Nielsen assure the crowd that we are all in the same boat; tackling life’s big challenges of paying rent & loans, raising kids, yet still not loosing sight of a musical community that has united so many with open arms.

Not being super familiar with Household and Have Mercy, it was cool to check out their sets, and walk away as a bigger fan of their music. Since recently becoming a resident of Buffalo, James Dewees of Reggie and The Full Effect has been finding his way onto more and more shows. And why not? He literally just has to walk down the street from his apartment to get to the Town Ballroom. He also has a new Reggie album, 41, recently out so it was cool to hear some of those songs during their set.

Senses Fail is a band that I’ll always try and catch live when they’re in town. It was a nice surprise to hear some oldies like Bloody Romance and 187 (previously retired from their live set) thrown into the mix as well.

Photo Gallery: All photos by Keith Barker

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