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Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2021: Live Music Is Back

The last year and a half has tested us all. From consumers of our favorite bands, venues, venue workers, touring staff and touring bands all the way to the contractors festivals hire as vendors. We have all been hurting. Music is not just this thing you listen to. Music is something you feel. It has to be experienced! That’s where live music comes in. When this whole global pandemic first began we all thought “maybe a few weeks to a month”. Never did we imagine the depths that it would go and the measure in which we needed it back. It’s with great happiness and metal horns in the air that we here at Alive N’ Loud Magazine announce that the wonderful staff and minds behind Virginia’s premiere event of the year Blue Ridge Rock Festival is BACK!

Many talented bands and artists have patiently waited for the right stage to make their return to the fold on, now it would appear that wait is over. With possibly the largest and most impressive lineup we have ever seen assembled, Blue Ridge Rock Festival has a momentous four days planned for the eager fans with a star studded lineup. Megadeth, Bush, Limp Bizkit, Shinedown, Halestorm, Anthrax, Gojira, Beartooth, Sevendust, Badflower, We Came As Romans, Knocked Loose, From Ashes To New, Nonpoint, Spiritbox, Fozzy, Clutch, I Prevail’s only show of 2021 and Breaking Benjamin’s only performance of 2021 and so much more! Special guest hosts Steve-O and Lou Brutus!

This isn’t something that we really need to sell you on. If you’re a music fan or someone that needs that human connection of being in the midst of like-minded individuals who are all in the same place to feel something and be moved, look no further than Danville, Virginia and the signs pointing to Blue Ridge Rock Festival. In the event that Mother Nature may be a little bit harsh, make sure you grab your sunscreen, bottles of water (hydration is key when rocking the hell out) and bring a clear mind. So now we want to turn to you, the fans, consumers of music in all of its forms, and ask you a simple question, “what does the return to live music and live events mean to you?”

A while back ago, we asked some pretty important people a similar question. What is the importance of music? Here’s what a few people had to say: “Music is literally magic. It's a universal language. Being able to put my whole being into what I'm passionate about, and for that to connect and evoke emotions, memories, feelings, inspirations for others is unreal. I feel very fortunate for what music has brought into my life, the experiences, the people, the places, the lessons, the perspectives, the opportunities, etc. Magic.”

- Brian Medeiros (Drums for Red)

“Music is always important, but especially in trying times like these when we all need each other, when we all need to remember that we are not alone. We have music to remind us that no matter what, we as a planet can always come together and speak with each other, and feel each other, and support each other through music. Music is an expression, it is an outlet, a cure, an embrace, and a defense. Whatever you need, music can and will be there for you, and we all need a little extra help right now. Music is love. Music is life.”

- Pearl Aday (Recording Artist)

Will we see you in Danville? Make sure you come ready to rock, free your mind and souls and be ready for a face-melting experience unlike any other on the planet. See you all at the sold-out event of the year!


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