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Cinderella Guitarist Jeff LaBar Passes Away At 58

Since 1985, guitarist Jeff LaBar has been gracing us with his talents and captivating presence. Joining Cinderella at the very year (1985-2017), LaBar quickly became a tour de force in the music industry with his signature style and sound that we have all come to know and love. We were all fortunate to also receive a solo record ‘One For The Road’ where he recorded and toured with his son Sebastian LaBar (Guitars at Tantric) and powerhouse rocker Jasmine Cain.

Many who knew Jeff professionally would tell you that he was fun and precise with what he did. He loved to cook a mean meal, creating music and touring. What many may not know, is that his love for music pails in comparison to the love he had for his son Sebastian. Seeing him personally at many shows watching, as his son played on stage, eyes filled with such pride and joy that his son was following his dreams and playing with just as much pride and gratefulness as he did in Cinderella. I can remember one show when I asked him what it was like for him to watch Sebastian play up on that stage, and it will stick with me forever as I too am a father, he said “it’s great man, he has such a heart for music and I love that about my boy, he’s an absolute badass ain’t he?”. I look forward to the day that I can watch my girls grow up and follow their dreams and be there for those moments like Jeff was for Sebastian.

For myself and us here at Alive N’ Loud Magazine, we want to extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences of love and light to Jeff’s family, his son Sebastian, and the entire music family he’s been a part of as well as all of his close personal friends and fans of his music. We will keep you close and always be thankful for what you brought to the music community. Rock in peace.


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