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Industry Spotlight: Jeff Maker II - Light Designer For All Time Low

Here at Alive N’ Loud Magazine we have been fortunate lately to speak to music’s up and coming bands and ones you’re quite familiar with. However, it is the goal of this platform to also give you, the fans All Access when it comes to the concert experience. Today we will be bringing you a very special look at a future series in development called ‘Industry Spotlight’. Our first and very special guest to be a part of this series is none other than Mr. Jeff Maker, who is the light designer for many bands and artists including All Time Low. We want to bring you all in and show you a side to live shows that you’ve never seen before or maybe you have and you need a refresher on just how vital and important people such as Jeff are to your live music experience!

Brandon: "What’s a normal day like for you at a show?"

Jeff: "I try to get up early as possible, whether I’m tech’ing a rig or just designing programming or board opp’ing it. Cause I wanna make sure we’re setting up when I help out as much as I can ‘cause I do enjoy seeing the product form. It’s nice to see the final product put together. The teamwork you do to make it happen; I like to be a part of that."

As you can all tell it isn’t just partying when you work with a band or an artist. It’s early days at venues, being away from family and your bed and ensuring that things go off without a hitch for YOU, the fans, so you can have the ultimate live experience! Make sure you catch our episode below:


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