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Interview: Abraham Montalvo of Monoliths

Photo By: Ashley Broockman

Chattanooga artist Abraham Montalvo, best known for his time in the Tennessee based rock band SevenStones, is stepping into the spotlight once more, debuting as a solo artist this time with his newest project ‘Monoliths’, a massive passion-project for the 31 year old guitar phenom. We were fortunate enough to have some face-to-face time with the man himself recently for a bonus episode of our weekly episodic podcast. We discuss the change from playing guitar to singing AND playing guitar as well as his new single which drops at midnight.

Make sure you check out the interview below:

Find Abraham Montalvo Online:

Spotify: Monoliths

Apple Music: Monoliths

About Monoliths:

Born from the idea of founder and songwriter Abraham L. Montalvo. MONOLITHS is the heavy hitting solo project of local Chattanooga, TN artist who also performs with SevenStones. The first debut single “From the Sky” will be available on June 11th, 2021 through all platforms. It is written by Abraham Montalvo and recorded, produced, mix and mastered by Dalton Skinner.


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