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Interview: Charlotte Wessels

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Charlotte Wessels, who many will know from her extensive career in the Dutch symphonic-metal band, Delain. While her former band has seen the entire lineup exit this past February, save for founding member Martijn Westerholdt, Charlotte has been incredibly busy for the last 13 months creating solo material while the world prevented anyone from performing live.

During our chat, we catch up on the origins of her "Six Feet Under" studio at home, and how she's managed to not just stay creative over the last year, but stay so closely connected to her fans across the globe by way of her Patreon. With Delain in her rearview mirror, we discussed the prospect of working with some of her former bandmates at some point down the road. With eyes to the future, we also discussed what a touring version of Charlotte's solo material would look like. Make sure you check out the full interview for all of these topics and more.

On some of the things Charlotte has come to love about the Patreon process:

"The community factor is really important for me."
"One thing that I didn't expect is that I would like the production side of things so much."

On her work-flow of creating new music every month:

"I have a collection of things I could still work with, but I'm not sure if can use them anymore because....I want to do other things (new songs)."

On fans response to her exit from Delain:

"If I'm a fan of a band, and a band splits...for whatever reason...I'd be upset. I was just humbled by the fact that people were reaching out so much." "If you're really one of those die-hard fans, then that's kind of something you're dealing with feelings about that, too."

On a future working with members of Delain:

"It feels like a recent split, and I'm afraid of committing to something new." "That doesn't mean, however, that I don't enjoy taking on projects with the boys. I'm also a never say never kind of person."

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Charlotte's next music video for "Superhuman" drops tomorrow (June 30th), but don't miss her last video for "Victor" right here in the meantime:

Pre-order Charlotte's first collection of solo material, "Tales From Six Feet Under" on vinyl in the following formats:

Patreon-Exclusive Creamy White Viola Marble

Creamy White Orange Marble

A Shade of White Vinyl

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SIDE A 1 Superhuman 2 Afkicken 3 Masterpiece 4 Victor 5 New Mythology 6 Source Of The Flame SIDE B 1 Cry Little Sister 2 Lizzie (A duet with Alissa White-Gluz) 3 FSU (2020) 4 Soft Revolution

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