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Interview: Dead Romantic

All the way from Great Britain in the heart of the U.K. Comes Dead Romantic, the pulse pounding band has been fiercely racking up the views as of late on YouTube with their recent singles “Yesterday” and “Kissed With A Lie” reaching over 1 million views a piece. In today’s industry and genre alone, this is no easy feat. The guys in Dead Romantic show no signs of stopping either as they’re working on some very exciting things. Including a September 3rd release of the debut album ‘Voices’.

With all the madness in the world, the people need a break from all the chaos and what better way to escape it all than to get lost in music. If you’re looking for a look backstage with two of the minds that make up the band, then look no further than right below. Join me as I sit down with Chris and Mike as we discuss all of what the band has been up to and much much more!

Check out the full interview below!

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