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Interview - Starletta

Social media can be a bit of a drag sometimes. Too much drama from friends and family, workplace shenanigans and fighting over who has the most followers. In the instance of our friend Starletta, it’s a big deal. I stumbled across this talented guy in what I’m calling a “viral video” as it displayed him performing his song “Crying In Miami” live with a full band. From the second the video began I could tell there was something special about this guy and I had to get him as a guest on this show. After doing some research and diving into his catalogue, I was convinced even more than before that this Ohio native was going to be one of the brightest and biggest stars this industry had seen in quite some time.

In our recent interview with the talented up and coming star, we discussed a variety of topics. One of which was how he came to be known as a TikTok music sensation!

Brandon: "It kind of exploded, didn’t it?"

Starletta: "Oh boy yeah! I mean, I was just putting out music to my friends. I had faith in it. It was a thing I like to do. It's therapeutic to me. Then, the video on tiktok went viral and I was like “Oh people know what this is now and they like it!” and it’s now my primary focus—I’ve been writing for a long time—I’ve only been putting out Starletta for like a year."

Only putting out music for a year as Starletta and the man sounds like he’s been writing 80’s pop hits his whole life. There’s definitely a place for this guy and his sound. We hope you enjoy this fun episode and make sure you go like, subscribe and follow our friend Starletta on all his socials and catch his music on all streaming platforms!

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Check out Starletta's latest video for "Crying in Miami" here:


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