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Monoliths Release Debut Single ‘From The Sky’

Photo Credit: Ashley N Broockman

Chattanooga naitive Abraham Montalvo (Guitars in SevenStones) is unleashing his first single off of his debut solo project Monoliths. "From The Sky" is the brainchild of Montalvo and a long process full of grueling hard work and a tremendous amount of dedication. The 31 year old guitar maniac has been careful to allow people in and preview or hear a taste of what he’s been cooking up. Now, the long wait is over and my oh my are you in for a treat.

We recently spoke with Montalvo about his solo project on our Alive & Loud Podcast and we discussed the cultivation of Monoliths and what we can expect from the upcoming project. One thing is for sure. If you are a fan of mind-melting guitars, songs derived from personal and current events, look no further than here. We now are proud to unveil this special exclusive look at "From The Sky" by Monoliths.


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