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Single release: April 8th, 2022

Label: DI Records

Reality Suite is back with a brand-new track, where they take an acoustic approach for the first time. I had a chance to sit down with the band and discuss this direction for a bit today, so scroll down for the full interview and be sure to click the links for "Sleep With Ghosts" and some really cool packages that the band are offering with their prior album, 'Awaken" on white vinyl, along with their new album "Closure" on CD.

Female fronted New Jersey melodic rock band Reality Suite will release their first new track in over one year with the delicate

acoustic departure, “Sleep With Ghosts.” Marking a shift in the group’s electrically-charged distinct sound, you can hear a sample of “Sleep With Ghosts” here. Featuring guest vocalist Sarah Wayne of the New Jersey band Aurin, the collaboration creates a deeply emotionally resonant texture that pairs beautifully with the acoustic phrasing. This track is the lead-off digital-only single from the forthcoming limited pressing acoustic album, “Closure” which will be available exclusively on CD in May of 2022.

“I love it! "Haunting" is definitely a word I would use to describe it. Really showcases Reality Suite’s versatility as a band. Sarah and Kimmi sound totally rad together!” - Tom Hanley, radio DJ of WRAT 95.9FM.

“This is different for Reality Suite. I’m loving it. It's got a real 90's vibe to it.” - Charlie Meister, Alive N’ Loud website.

Brian King, Reality Suite’s drummer and lyricist for “Sleep with Ghosts” recently spoke to Bob Makin of The Aquarian Weekly and Makin’ Waves to discuss the new single: “The inspiration is primarily nostalgia and vengeance. “Sleep with Ghosts” began with a simple lyric, ‘I sent you my love on your birthday, now I take it away.’ The songwriting process began 10 years ago, very early on in our band's history. I think we've all experienced a situation where you've sent someone a personal message on social media without receiving a response. Well, I sent an innocent ‘happy birthday’ message to a previous girlfriend from many years ago, and it was ignored. That became this song. Not every lyric in the song is directly related to that scenario, but the sentiment is consistent. When the idea arose to record a special acoustic EP for our supporters (June 2022 - “Closure”), we wanted to include at least two new songs. We also wanted to present a special collaboration to our fans and invited our New Jersey peers Aurin to join the project. Sarah Wayne (vocals) and Andrew Wayne (production and keyboards) helped us in taking ‘Sleep with Ghosts’ to another level. We are all excited for our fanbases to hear this!”

Reality Suite includes childhood friends, Brian King (drums), Antonio Valenti (bass), and Joe Padula (guitar) alongside the integral vocals of Kimmii Heart who joined the band in 2013 solidifying their lineup. Their first full-length album, “Skinn” was released in 2015 establishing Reality Suite’s epic and melodic hard rock sound, now identifiable by fans the world over. Their tracks include classic rock riffage paired with meaningful lyrics, granting the band an arena-rock feel earning fans worldwide. The album opener, “Wingman” peaked at #5 on the Tunes Portugal Rock Chart and the fan-funded video/song “Die Dreaming” remains a staple in the band's setlist.

The success of their debut led to the relationship with two-time Grammy nominated Mixing/Recording Engineer, Mike Ferretti

(Sevendust, Saliva, The Warning) and Earl Cohen (Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson) for their second critically acclaimed album, “Awaken” (Lions Pride Music/4K Deep Records). Released on a Danish independent label, in 2019 “Awaken” spawned the singles “Kiss the Ring” which peaked at #3 on the iTunes Portugal Rock Chart and “Cut, Burn, Bruise” which peaked at #3 on the Tunes New Zealand Rock Chart.

During the lockdown of 2020, Reality Suite released the live album, “Live at Alpha Wave Studios.” In February of 2021, the band released “Triggers,” a modern-rock track about surviving the pandemic which peaked at #7 on the Tunes New Zealand Rock Chart.

Though it's new territory for Reality Suite, “Sleep With Ghosts” reveals the band’s musical adeptness. Available for pre-save on Spotify & Apple Music now!

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