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Preacher Tease New EP With “Live, Laugh, Lobotomy” Single & Music Video

Coming to us all the way from Reno Nevada, this gruesome metalcore act is a straight stab into the lungs with their piercing sound that almost feels familiar in a way that’s going to have you thinking of a time period when this style of music was prominent. Having recently played Blue Ridge Rock Festival, the band is fresh and imposingly formidable with “Live, Laugh, Lobotomy”, never sympathetic and always to the point, Nathaniel Garrison demands your attention when he belts his lyrics that keeps you locked in. Accompanied by his band, Alan Terry on drums, Stan Neill on bass/guitar/vocals, and Christopher Yancey on guitar, Preacher are on the rise. 

The single has so many elements woven in and out of its body, like a perfectly stitched up blast to the chest you can hear the metalcore throughout with more insatiable downbeats as well as intricately placed piano notes. This song grabs you by the collar and shakes you to your core from start to finish. Make sure you catch this video and download the single coming to you from their upcoming EP ‘Blur’ on Daeth Records/TLG/INgrooves



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