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The Resurgence Of Live Music - Why It Is Important

Spring of 2020, something I never thought I would see happen, finally happened. Live music would come to a screeching halt. Seemingly all at once. From local artists to national and international artists alike, shows were dropping like flies. However it wouldn’t just be shows that ceased, music venues took a major hit and the people who worked at them, many, left jobless or looking for work elsewhere. Which, in a pandemic situation, many were already clamoring for work that weren’t even involved in the entertainment business, making it all the more hard for those individuals to find work.

Live music isn’t just something to do when you’re bored or have nothing else going on. Live music is a place where you can go and release your mind, feel things you can’t feel anyplace else. Connect with the music and musicians, tune into what’s going on in front of you and around you, allowing yourself for the moments you’re in that environment to forget all the troubles or grief outside the gates of that place and find common ground.

For many of us it’s an escape into a world that when the show is over, we’re not ready to leave, we’re looking on the ground for guitar pics and set lists. Reeling from what we just experienced right in front of us and all around us. The community of live music is one that is of acceptance and full of people who all have one thing in common. Our love for music.

With announcements continually emerging each day from bands like Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Danny Wimmer Presents events like Louder Than Life, and festivals such as Inkarceration Festival and Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Each day we wake up there are new shows and announcements everywhere, giving us hope for what we have missed so much.

What moments are you, the fans most excited about experiencing at your first live show? Will you make more than one show, will you be ambitious and make a list of shows and tear up the summer? Tell us your thoughts and share your excitement with us. Maybe we’ll see you there in the pit!


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