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Tremonti Releases If "Not For You" Ahead Of 5th Studio Record

He’s back! Mark Tremonti and his namesake band TREMONTI have released their debut single off the upcoming record 'Marching In Time,' "If Not For You." The mind melting single is long overdue for fans of the Tremonster and his band. Eric Friedman, Tanner Keegan and Ryan Bennett are also back in the fold as the band looks to make yet another statement with their music.

Since Tremonti’s first record, released in 2012 'All I Was,' the industry veteran Mark Tremonti has been showing everyone what he is truly capable of by stepping into the light and playing pure thrash metal and melodic rock in a way only he can deliver. We expect that this upcoming record will be as special and unique as previous works. Speaking of work, the record is being put out once again by Napalm Records and in the badass hands of Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette, you can be damn certain this is THAT record. The one Tremonti fans and fan of music all need right now.


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