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Tremonti Releases Second Single ‘Marching In Time’

Declares: “Don’t let this cold world change you, don’t let it lead you astray”.

Mark Tremonti and his band Tremonti are not showing any signs of stopping. Fresh off the heels from their debut song "If Not For You" off the upcoming 5th studio record also titled 'Marching In Time,' Tremonti has unleashed what will surely be one of the most prolific songs of his career. Fueled by an avalanche of emotion, so raw and purposeful all in the same vein, the title track "Marching In Time," proves that the power of the human spirit can prevail.

The band that supports Mark in this endeavor of his solo works has been a driving force and should also be recognized for their valued and enormous contributions in completing what we all love about the band. Eric Friedman, Tanner Keegan and Ryan Bennett all shine in this one and we are all here for it!

With soaring riffs, dynamic vocals and palatable tones throughout, this second single from Tremonti definitely had the power to elevate anyone in any mood for any situation. If we were to take a guess, this just might be the deepest and perfectly timed songs of the current times we’re all facing. “The song made me Feel that there will be a force of positivity to come from the current events we are all linked by, it gave me hope that we can do better by not giving up or losing our faith” said Abraham Montalvo of SevenStones and Monoliths. So to quote the man himself “don’t let this cold world change you, don’t let it lead you astray”.

We here at Alive N Loud Magazine are very much looking forward to the next single as well as the full album release by Tremonti. Be sure to pre-order the upcoming record here and stay tuned to the latest news right here!


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