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Every Time I Die Debuts 'Low Teens' Live in Buffalo

Hometown heavy hitters Every Time I Die invited fans to the Waiting Room on Saturday night, to debut their new album, Low Teens, a week before it's release. What initially started as a casual "listening party" at the venue, quickly evolved into an even bigger treat: a full set from the band, performing their 8th LP from start to finish.

The evening was a first come first serve affair, and for only $5 a ticket, the room filled in quickly. The party was hosted by Matty Matheson, host of Vice TVs "Dead Set On Life", who used the show as part of a segment being shot on Buffalo Food and the hardcore scene. And what better backdrop than an ETID show to showcase Buffalo's hometown pride and comradery.

After letting the album play a couple times through over the venue's sound system, the band took the stage and jumped right into it. The 3 tracks that have been released already from Low Teens got the biggest response, but that didn't stop everyone from head banging and stage diving through the rest of the temporarily foreign setlist. After wrapping up the album, the fellas quickly returned to the stage for an extended encore of fan favorites including "No Son of Mine", "Floater", and "Ebolorama".

ETID has continued to up the ante with each release, and Low Teens is no exception. What might be their heaviest album yet, also provides plenty of new territory and sounds from a band who can seemingly do no wrong.

The new album from Every Time I Die, 'Low Teens,' will be released on September 23rd via Epitaph Records.

Every Time I Die - "The Coin Has A Say"

Every Time I Die - "Glitches"

Every Time I Die - "C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)"

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