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Infected Mushroom Plays the Town Ballroom

Infected Mushroom took the stage at the Town Ballroom on September 24, and immediately jumped into a whirlwind set built of their psy-trance library of music. Hot off the heels of their festival tour, Infected Mushroom arrived in Buffalo after headlining a stadium event in Montreal, after recently playing the Burning Man festival, and played for an energetic yet intimate crowd at the Town Ballroom. Playing both a mixture of new material such as “Liquid Smoke,” and diving into fan-favorites such as “Saeed,” “Becoming Insane,” and “Special Place,” the psy-trance act brought their high-energy act to the intimate stage, bringing their entire band to the venue. Between the heavy-slamming guitar which is a “live-band addition” to the stage performance, to the groove-laden drums, to the boundary-pushing DJ work, Infected Mushroom left fans both old and new satisfied. Many live dates for the band include only the primary DJ combination of Erez Eisen and Amit "DuvDev" Duvdevani. Buffalo was one of the lucky stages to greet the entire band, and was one of the few, as well as one of the last U.S. dates of the world tour. Infected Mushroom is currently working away on their 2017 album release, and has recently released the new single “Nutmeg.” Stay tuned for our in-depth interview with Infected Mushroom, and check out our Facebook page for live footage, as well as our photo gallery.

Infected Mushroom - Nutmeg

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