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Ice Nine Kills Slaughters a Sold-Out Crowd in Nashville

If you look at the music industry you have diversity. You have every type of music you can think of. This includes metal based on iconic horror franchises. The one band who dominates that field and is taking over the industry and all who occupy it are Ice Nine Kills. Since the band stepped onto the scene in in 2000 they have been climbing up the ladder to the moment in 2018 where they would begin to see a shift in which they’d soon be known forever as innovators of metal, when they would release their album ‘The Silver Scream’ that would feature 13 completely original songs inspired by the bands favorite pop culture and horror films. The album would gain much success including a #2 spot on Billboards Top Hard Rock Charts.

With their sights set on taking over Horrorwood, Ice Nine Kills released their second album in the same vein of ‘The Silver Scream’ that would appropriately be named ‘The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood’. The bloodied geniuses would again reach momentous heights with yet another murderous album, finding their way in the industry and single handedly bringing a part of music that had seemed all but dull to a razor-sharp point that reinvigorated music fans. Even getting the attention of rock royalty in Metallica, getting invited to participate in the ‘72 Seasons Tour’. If you get asked to tour with Metallica, you’re obviously doing something right.

Spencer Charnas, Rick Armellino, Patrick Galante, Joe Occhiuti also had plans of their own for a wicked good tour called the ‘Fear The Premiere Tour’. One thing that does stand out on this one is that lead guitarist Dan Sugarman would not be joining the band due to personal reasons. We do wish Dan a speedy recovery and nothing but the best on his way back to his band mates and fans. Ice Nine Kills would however tap Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle who would fill the role on this tour. Coyle, who is no stranger to being a savage in his own right, would be a welcomed addition to fill in for Sugarman. I was extremely excited knowing Doc Coyle would be joining the guys for this run as I had previously been fortunate enough to work with the Bad Wolves guys a number of times.

Beginning my descent into the madness of an almost two-hour road trip to Nashville from Kentucky for this show, I made sure to have all the right songs loaded to keep me energized and ready for the nights show at Marathon Music Works. One of my absolute favorite venues in music city by far! Halfway there I got the feeling it was going to be a sick show not knowing what was in store as this would be my first and hopefully not last show covering INK. Once I arrived and parked, I made it across the street where there was an insane line of VIP fans waiting to get inside and do their meet & greet upgrades of either Ice Nine Kills or Set It Off. The fans were buzzing with excitement and all smiles waiting for their chance. Reminding us all how important it is to buy the ticket to a show. I would however learn some rather unfortunate news while waiting to gain entry, that singer Spencer Charnas had developed strep throat and was not feeling well. With a sold-out show in the headlights, I had wondered what was to transpire. More on why this is important later on in this piece.

The doors would soon open for VIPs and myself to enter into the venue. Once inside I found my way to the Merch table to see all the cool things the bands were selling. Shortly after I made it to the photo pit where I would get settled in and await the first act of the night, Mike’s Dead.

First artist of the night, Mike’s Dead, took to the stage with an energy I wasn’t ready for. That’s a good thing. The band was entertaining to say the least, guitarist Luca Gulisano was one of the highlights for me as he not only was able to melt faces and shred but had his own style of stage presence. Drummer Patches kept the crowd moving to the beat, reminiscent of Travis Barker, playing in a frenzied rhythm of fun and style. The band was all over the stage engaging the crowd like they’ve been doing it for decades! If you’re unfamiliar with this artist, you’d better start getting with the program because it looks as though Mikes Dead is going to be around for many years to come.

The Plot In You are no strangers to the scene and this was going to be my second time seeing them live. Lead by writer/singer virtuoso Landon Tewers, The Plot In You had just released a tasty number of songs and one of the most intensely artistic music videos I have ever seen. Needless to say, the band has some fresh songs to play live, and I couldn’t wait to hear all three of them. I wouldn’t have to wait long because the first song the band opened with was their newest single “Forgotten”. The Plot In You would put on an incredible show for the sold-out fans in Nashville. Traipsing through the last few albums in a matter of minutes, TPIY reminded me that they are one of the most exciting bands touring to date.

Set It Off we’re next to the stage. Going into this act, I knew very little about them except they had a massive following, which was obvious by the amount of VIP & Meet and Greet fans they had outside in line. When the band took to the stage, the amount of energy they omitted was something I wasn’t expecting. Lead singer Cody Carson was a burst of enthusiasm and immediately gained the attention of everyone in the room. I would later find out that the success all stemmed from singer Cody’s YouTube channel where he would play covers and even do some fun back and forth videos with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth. Set It Off would go on to perform one of the most entertaining sets I’ve seen this year. Carson would even jump out into the crowd and walk while singing over the fans for one hell of a show.

The stage was soon all set for the premiere of Ice Nine Kills. The polarizing band of the last decade was waiting in the wings for their chance to slaughter a sold-out crowd at Nashville’s famous Marathon Music Works. The buzz in the air was quite literally electric. Like waiting for the start of your most anticipated horror film. Taunted by sounds of “Walking On Sunshine” and ”Red Right Hand” playing over the speakers while the crew put the finishing touches on the set pieces and checking all the band’s equipment, you just knew that something killer was about to happen. We were introduced to the show quickly and instantly transported into the world of Patrick Bateman and American Psycho with the bands hit song “Hip To Be Scared”. Spencer Charnas was in his Bateman attire and rocking the rain coat for the first epic kill of the night. One thing is for sure, I ran around that photo pit like a track star making sure to get all the details of this elaborately designed set. This was a tour that’s thought out. One could say, it was story boarded to perfection.

Everything about this band just works. From how they all play together, to the way the show progresses so naturally. Everything is organic and doesn’t feel rushed. Guitarists Ricky, Doc and Joe all played their roles perfectly and put on an absolutely killer performance, melting off everyone’s faces. INK made their way through a colossal set from “Ex Mørtis”, “IT Is the End”, to the hilarious take on “Stacey’s Mom” called “Jason’s Mom". A fun moment that stood out was during the band's song “Rock the Boat” when they brought out a giant inflatable yet wearable shark on stage. Let it never be said that this band is a boring show. INK would close out this monumental stop in Nashville with one of my most anticipated shows of the year if not the last five years. Going back to my introductory news about Spencer not feeling well, you’d never known it. The man performed with gusto, as if he knew he had to deliver. Major kudos to Charnas for not canceling the show and putting on one hell of a show! If you are ever looking for a concert that’s more than a musical experience but a performance worthy of an award, look no further than an Ice Nine Kills show.

If you want to check out Ice Nine Kills on tour (and we know you do, because you’re reading this), check out your dates below!

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Ice Nine Kills Photo Gallery: All Photography by Brandon Scott Hanks

Set It Off Photo Gallery: All Photography by Brandon Scott Hanks

The Plot In You Photo Gallery: All Photography by Brandon Scott Hanks

Mike's Dead Photo Gallery: All Photography by Brandon Scott Hanks

Fan & Venue Photo Gallery: All Photography by Brandon Scott Hanks


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