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Black Stone Cherry’s One Way Ticket To Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Via 8th Studio Album

It’s a good time to be a music fan! Black Stone Cherry have unleashed their 8th studio record ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’ as of September 29th. The Kentucky powerhouse band are back and bigger than they’ve ever been with a full throttle barn burner of a record. Led by singer/guitarist Chris Robertson, Black Stone Cherry has crafted a record that might have just sealed the deal on their future status concerning the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Yeah, it’s that damn good! So grab the dial, crank it to 10 and prepare for the most important record of the band‘s historic discography since their inception in 2001, and take a journey with us as we break down this record track-by-track.

“Screamin’ At The Sky” is the perfect track to start off this record. The band is no longer trying to say something with their music, they’re screamin’ it from the top of Magic Mountain! The song has a good balance of flow from blistering guitar work to a chorus that feels just right. There’s something very relevant and right now about this song. With the 1-2 punch, BSC kicks off the new record with a bang!

“Nervous” jumps into the Frey and you believe for a brief second that you might be in for a bit of a ballad and then it takes you on a ride into a jam of a song that feels right at home with all the charm and progression you know and love from the Ben, Chris, John Fred and Steve. Speaking of John Fred, this man has no signs of slowing down or calming down, warning his nickname “the animal”. No need to be “Nervous”, BSC has just what you need.

“When The Pain Comes” is one of my absolute favorite songs off this record and has jumped into the top 5 Black Stone Cherry songs. One thing I love about songwriters is when I can find bits of myself in the lyrics. This song has a lot of parts that I find myself relating to as I’m sure will a lot of Cherryheads. Delectable pinch harmonics, riffs out the ass and chunky bass provides a badass song to this already filthy record.

“Out Of Pocket” doesn’t feel out of pocket for BSC as it feels like a song that more than likely came from some hyper realistic experience in the writers room. I think we’ve all felt like this at one point or more. If you ever feel tired and don’t want the fruit to go rotten, just blast this song at capacity and remember we all need to find a way to stop our thoughts and fears dead in their tracks! This song provides a great outlet for those feelings.

“Show Me What It Feels Like” is the 5th track on ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’ and was mixed to perfection. It’s groovy, it’s smooth and it’s got its edgy moments. Like the lyrics say “it feels so right” and the band definitely will show you what it feels like when your face is being melted off the bone by the sound and shape of the musicianship of this record. Everyone fires on all cylinders here. Don’t lose your breath now, the boys are just getting started.

“R.O.a.R” is one of the most personal and important songs omi have heard in a while. It’s never easy watching someone you love fight for their life. In this case, singer/songwriter Steve Robertson Jr is able to pen important feelings and pay a touching tribute of healing and grace while still maintaining composure on a record that continues to show the maturity of the bands songwriting ability.

“Smile World” is the reminder to start living. Whatever is holding you back, you have to remember to smile and start living for what makes you happy! With catchy choruses and a good couple licks on the guitar, this track will definitely leave a smile on your face.

“The Mess You Made” is an incredibly well mixed and executed song that provides some of the nastiest bass playing by Steve Jewel and an onslaught of in-your-face drumming and a guitar solo that will curl your toes.

“Who Are You Today” asks an important question that’ll have you scratching your head and rocking it back and forth at the same time as you question yourself with the topic at hand. The song boasts another insane guitar solo that will have you snarling and smiling while thanking BSC for reminding you that music is a big part of who you are today.

“Not Afraid” to say it, this record is a certified BANGER. Black Stone Cherry has done the damn thing. “Not Afraid” starts chunky and slides in perfectly balanced choruses with a great message while keeping you hooked in anticipation for the next verse. The riffs and timing of each note in this is so intentional that you understand what the band is trying to say.

“Here’s To The Hopeless” is very much the ballad of ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’ and that’s very much okay as Black Stone Cherry knows how to write a ballad. Some ballads are meant for radio while some are meant to hear in arenas. The song has an atmospheric sound that if you close your eyes, you can picture yourself standing on the floor at the barricade watching it unfold before you.

“You Can Have It All” is the closing track of the record and proves that sometimes you still have enough in the tank to finish the mile. Around the 2:00 minute mark comes an absurd solo that I felt in my bones that lead into the final chorus. Feeling like the proper send off to the bands 8th studio record, “You Can Have It All” is the “shut up and take my money” moment of the record and further cements why Black Stone Cherry is still out here throwing down.

There you have it! Our track-by-track review of a truly remarkable record by BSC. We hope you’ll go look for it and grab a copy! Black Stone Cherry’s newest record ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’ is out across all platforms both physical and digital via Mascot Label Group/Mascot Records.

Black Stone Cherry is currently on tour right now so be sure to check out your dates right here for any and all things BSC!

Photo By: Jimmy Fontaine


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