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Kyng: Breathe in the Water

SoCal rock trio Kyng’s Breathe in the Water is set to debut October 7, 2016. The follow-up to 2014’s Burn the Serum quickly presents itself as the newer, heavier hitting bigger brother to 2014’s release. Fans of Kyng can expect a return to their hard-hitting fast paced, bluesy, harmony soaked punchy tracks. Producer Machine (Lamb of God, Clutch) puts a heavy focus on the trio’s ability to weave intricate harmonies into the rhythmic, doom laden riffs, that at many times, can screech to a halt - reprised by a jazz-inspired bass line, as shown in the title track “Breathe in the Water.” For those unfamiliar with Kyng, imagine the ever-changing yet doomy rhythm section of The Sword, meets the catchy choruses of Monster Truck, with the incredibly catchy vocal lines and harmonies of Alter Bridge. That said, Kyng does not come off as a copy of any of those bands, and Breathe in the Water is a great example of their originality. While there are some Bluesy and haunting slower moments within the album, the majority of the album contains hard-hitting bluesy, doomy, beautiful yet haunting tracks that will certainly find their way in your head. Kyng’s Breathe in the Water hits shelves this Oct. 7. The singles “Pristine Warning” and the title track “Breathe in the Water” can be heard on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal, and are currently streaming on Spotify. Visit their official website at: Breathe in the Water Track List: 01. “Pristine Warning”

02. “Breathe in the Water”

03. “Closer to the End”

04. “Follow Blindly”

05. “Show Me Your Love”

06. “Reckoning Part 1″

07. “The Dead”

08. “Bipolar Schemes”

09. “Hide From You”

10. “Song for a Broken Masque”

11. “The Beginning of What Was”

12. “The Battle of the Saint / Lines”

13. “Not Enough”

14. “What I’m Made Of / Reckoning Part 2″ KYNG: Pristine Warning

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