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Sum 41: 13 Voices

Sum 41 is back today with a new album, '13 Voices,' and an impressive

For any fans who have followed the band, you likely remember that feeling all too well back in 2014 when the future looked bleak. Not just for the band, but for front man Deryck Whibley as well. With '13 Voices,' we see not only the band returning to prominence again, but we also have guitarist Dave Baksh back in the fold for the first time since 2006's 'Chuck.'

The album is chock full of catchy choruses and killer riffs, exactly what you've been waiting to hear from Sum 41 for the last decade. It's hard to label an effort from a punk band as "mature," but it's probably the most appropriate way to describe this effort. Don't worry, your parents still won't care for it.

They kick off the album with "A Murder of Crows (You're All Dead to Me)," seemingly the bands way of dispatching the naysayers right up front before they get straight into the fist pounding on "Goddamn I'm Dead Again." Baksh's return is immediately present in this tune. From here on out, just put this album on auto-pilot and have fun. "Fake My Own Death" could have easily been on 'Chuck' a decade ago, coming in with their traditional up-tempo beat and another notoriously catchy chorus.

Sum 41 have done some serious work with the lead up to this album, as they have three videos already available for "Fake My Own Death," "War" and "God Save Us All" (see below). Check them out and see for yourself. For any fan who's hoped to see their band return to glory, this is that moment for Sum 41. Don't miss it!

As with so many albums today, this one does have a bonus track version available exclusively at Target. These are not throwaway tracks and I would highly suggest going out of your way to pick up this version. Too often (as is the case here) the songs that make these editions turn out to be extremely strong.

'13 Voices' is out now via Hopeless Records. Sum 41 are currently on tour with Senses Fail and As It Is.

Track Listing:

1. A Murder of Crows (You're All Dead to Me)

2. Goddamn I'm Dead Again

3. Fake My Own Death

4. Breaking the Chain

5. There Will Be Blood

6. 13 Voices

7. War

8. God Save Us All (Death to Pop)

9. The Fall and the Rise

10. Twisted by Design

Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks:

11. Better Days

12. Black Eyes

13. War (acoustic)

14. Breaking the Chain (acoustic)

Sum 41 - God Save Us All (Death to POP) [Official Music Video]

Sum 41 - War (Official Music Video)​

Sum 41 - Fake My Own Death (Official Music Video)​

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