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Amaranthe: Maximalism

Swedish metal act Amaranthe are back with their 4th album, 'Maximalism,' on Spinefarm Records, and you need to go check it out. In keeping with their traditional sound, Amaranthe refuses to conform to genre lables, producing yet another blend of metal, techno and pop fused into an album that excites from start to finish.

'Maximalism' kicks off with the (almost) self-titled track "Maximize," providing an upbeat techno rocker with a perfect vocal blend of Elize Ryd's pop sound with Henrik Englund's death metal vocals and Jake E's rock vocal style. Above all else, this carefully balanced blend of vocal styles is what sets Amaranthe apart from anything else on your playlist right now. Next up is 'Boomerang,' which sees Ryd and Jake E's vocals showcased again on a track that could easily be a top 40 pop song, if not for the polarizing sounds of Englund's vocal attack. Make no mistake, this resulting sound of this combination is exceptional, if not accessible to the every day masses of pop radio.

The album's third track, "That Song," is the first single from the album. This is likely the most mainstream song on the album, and somewhat a somewhat surprising choice as the first single. With that in mind, what you get here is a straight-ahead rock anthem, in the vein of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock and Roll." It's a great tune, one that will surely be an interactive live experience in concert, but they're not pushing any boundaries with this one.

There's a wide variety of songs on this album, most of which would be excellent material for future singles here including ballad's like "Limitless" and "Endlessly," as well as some firecrackers like "On the Rocks," "Faster," and "Supersonic." Olof Mörck (principle song writer) and crew continue to deliver tracks that are precision detailed down to the note. You'll hear new things every time you listen to these tracks.

Without a doubt, Amaranthe is back with another massive offering. There isn't a sleeper on this album. Clocking in at about 39 minutes, this one is full of hits that you'll listen to on repeat. Check out some of the videos below for a taste and go pick this one up!

Track Listing:

1. Maximize

2. Boomerang

3. That Song

4. 21

5. On The Rocks

6. Limitless

7. Fury

8. Faster

9. Break Down & Cry

10. Supersonic

11. Fireball

12. Endlessly

Amaranthe - That Song

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