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Trivium Leads Explosive Lineup Through Binghamton

This past Saturday, we caught up with Trivum when they rolled their Binghamton, NY on the final stretch of their tour supporting their latest effort, 'Silence in the Snow.'

After spending the past year on the road in support of the album, Trivium finished off their tour with one final leg, including support from Swedish metal act Sabaton and the Los Angeles based Huntress. While it was conceivable that those in attendance to see the headliner may haven't previously followed either of the support acts, you'd never have known it to see the enthusiasm in the crowd from the moment Huntress took the stage with the lead single "Sorrow," from their current album, 'Static.'

The crowd was instantly enchanted by vocalist Jill Janus' stage persona coupled with the straight ahead metal attack of the band, led by Blake Meahl. They immediately transitioned into "Flesh" before diving into their catalog for some additional fan favorites such as "Zenith" and "I Want to Fuck You to Death" (co-written by Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister) before closing with their breakthrough hit "Eight of Swords." Huntress came to dish out the metal tonight, and if this was a "warm up act," then the rest of the bill certainly had their work cut out for them.

Fortunately, Sabaton took the stage next. They brought everything they had (except for the tank) as they opened with the mega-hit "Ghost Division." The energy this band brings to the stage is something any metal fan simply needs to experience. Front-man Joakim Brodén consistently takes the stage with an energy that is second to none. Fellow founding member and bass player, Pär Sundström, was having every bit as much fun entertaining this crowd. How could they not? The amount of Sabaton t-shirts among the fans in attendance was overwhelming, which was also apparent to Brodén as he could be seen reacting to the crowd. They followed up with "Sparta," the lead track off their new album 'The Last Stand.' The remainder of their set included a mix of new and old songs, including favorites "Swedish Pagans," "To Hell and Back" and "Night Witches." By the time Sabaton finished with the crowd, those in attendance were aptly warmed up for Trivium to finally take the stage.

Trivium held nothing back, as they opened with "Strife," a massive hit from their previous album 'Vengeance Falls.' The opening sequence, including "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation" and "Foresake Not the Dream" were a good sampling of what was to come; an extremely well balanced set drawing from every album in their catalog. It wasn't until the fourth selection of the evening, that they touched on their current album with "Rise Above the Tides."

As bassist Paolo Gregoletto held down the rhythm section, lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Matt Heafy tore through "Into the Mouth of Hell We March." Heafy left no doubt that his vocal range was back at top-notch, as he easily performed his wide range of vocal duties for the evening, screams included. Some additional highlights of the evening included "Anthem (We Are the Fire)" off of 'The Crusade' as well as "Down From the Sky" off of 'Shogun.' Heafy briefly discussed the upcoming reissue of the bands debut album 'Embers to Inferno,' due out on December 2nd as they let loose on "Pillars of Serpents" from that album. They closed out the evening with "In Waves" as the crowd had been thoroughly rocked through a staggering 14 song, 90 minute set.

This tour was easily one of the most complete metal packages on the road in 2016. Lineups tend to be determined based on album sales, but any one of these bands could have headlined this show. Seeing a headlining Trivium set is a real treat though, as their festival performances tend to be roughly half of what we were treated to on this outing. Check these bands out. This tour just wrapped up in Orlando this week, but rest assured, you'll get a chance to see these bands again soon. Don't miss them!

Trivium Setlist:

1. Strife

2. A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation

3. Forsake Not the Dream

4. Rise Above the Tides

5. Into the Mouth of Hell We March

6. Silence in the Snow

7. Entrance of the Conflagration

8. Anthem (We Are the Fire)

9. Pillars of Sperpents

10. Until the World Goes Cold

11. Down from the Sky

12. Built to Fall

13. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr


14. In Waves

Trivium - Until The World Goes Cold (Music Video)

Sabaton - The Last Stand (Music Video)​

HUNTRESS - Sorrow (Official Video)

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