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The Pretty Reckless Bring Pack a Punch in Niagara Falls

On Saturday, The Pretty Reckless brought their tour through Niagara Falls, NY as they played a packed show at the Rapids Theatre. They are currently touring in support of their latest release, 'Who You Selling For,' which was released October 21st on Razor & Tie records.

From the onset of The Pretty Reckless, Taylor Momsen has been hell-bent on shedding any familiarity to her past career as an actress. This show, being the third performance I've witnessed in as many years, proved once again, that she has the makings of a bonafide rock star all on her own.

They began their set with "Follow Me Down," the lead song from their second album. At the start of the show, Momsen stayed center stage at her mic stand. Setting the tone early, her energy was primarily put into her vocal performance. As they pregressed through their set, Momsen's stage presence opened up significantly as she alternated between grace and rage. The crowd has a quick study, as they seemed fully prepared to take on new songs such as "Oh My God" and the incredible album opener, "Hangman," which has an unmistakable Alice in Chains feel to it. Mid-set, they went into a pair of tracks from their debut album, "Make Me Wanna Die" and "My Medicine" before heading back into new tracks. The home stretch of this set packed the real punches though, as they closed the night out with a powerhouse run through "Heaven Knows," "Going to Hell," Take Me Down" and finally "Fucked Up World."

The show was opened up by support from Them Evils and Holy White Hounds, two bands you should immediately familiarize yourself with.

Them Evils is a three piece out of Orange County, CA. They pack an authentic blend of rock and roll that is just simply fun. Their largest influences span just about everything in 1970's rock, and it shows through every moment of their set. In addition to a killer set of original songs, they ensured the crowd was ready to rock by bring them through some familiar territory with covers of AC/DC's "Long Way to the Top" and Motörhead's "Ace of Spades." Check out our link HERE for a pre-show interview with Them Evils, as well as links to purchase both of their current releases.

Next up was another great set, this time from the Holy White Hounds. All I could think while watching this set was "this is what it must have been like to see Nirvana playing clubs." This quartet from Des Moines, Iowa put on one of the most unexpected sets I've seen in a while. The moment they took the stage, the energy was dialed all the way up, where it stayed for the duration of their set.

For any fans heading to this show to see The Pretty Reckless "and some opening bands," get there on time. This is one of the most packed shows on the road at the moment. You don't want to miss a single song!

Check out The Pretty Reckless on any of their upcoming tour dates. Click the banner below for tickets!


1. Follow Me Down

2. Since You're Gone

3. Oh My God

4. Hangman

5. Make Me Wanna Die

6. My Medicine

7. Prisoner

8. Sweet Things

9. Living in the Storm

10. Heaven Knows

11. Going to Hell

12. Take Me Down


13. Fucked Up World

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