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Kobra and the Lotus Release New Album Details and New Single "Gotham"

Today, Kobra and the Lotus dropped their second single from the upcoming album, 'Prevail I' entitled "Gotham." Following the release of "Triggerpulse" back in September, this album is shaping up to be their strongest effort to date. These first two tracks are killer. Go check them out! If you're not currently following this band, head over to your favorite music provider and give them a listen. Kobra and the Lotus have consistently provided a very rich musical experience with some of the most powerful and commanding vocals in modern heavy metal. We are beyond excited for the new album and we'll be sure to grab a date on the ensuing tour to bring you some great live coverage from the road!

Note: This article will be updated later today once the video for "Gotham" is released. Estimated time will be 5pm EST. Full press release below:

Explosive Canadian Hard Rockers, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have completed work on their new album and Napalm Records debut 'Prevail I'. The album is set for release on May 12th! Today the band reveals the artwork, track listing and has unleashed their brand new single “Gotham”. Listen to a stream of the new aurally enticing single “GothamHERE. Beginning today, 'Prevail I' is available for pre-order in exclusive bundle packages via the Napalm Records Webstore HERE. Frontwoman KOBRA PAIGE on the story of 'Prevail I' the band’s most ambitious effort to date: “When we are born, we are innocent, pure, and unshaped. This mandala signifies a human at the beginning of it’s journey. Unscathed and beautiful, the mandala is each and every one of us. As this album unfolds, you will notice it’s more than just music. ‘Prevail I’ is a story of visceral truth and I believe, if we’re really being honest with ourselves, everyone will find their story within it. After all, the battles may differ, but we all started as the same mandala and we are more relatable than we’d like to admit. Our only wish is that you may enjoy the freaking crap out of this album and find comfort in realizing you’re not alone.”

'Prevail I' Track Listing:

  1. Gotham

  2. TriggerPulse

  3. You Don’t Know

  4. Specimen X (Mortal Chamber)

  5. Light Me Up

  6. Manifest Destiny

  7. Victim

  8. Check The Phyrg

  9. Hell On Earth

  10. Prevail

Led by frontwoman and vocal powerhouse KOBRA PAIGE, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have been making a name for themselves worldwide since 2010 with extensive touring and three well-received albums. KOBRA AND THE LOTUS is loaded with exquisite precision, heavy emotion, vocal brilliance and grand-scale dynamics, highlighting the glories of Classic heavy metal and rock. Known for their exceptionally strong live shows, they proudly carry the flag for all metal/hard rock fans.

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS is: Kobra Paige (vocals) Jasio Kulakowski (guitars) Brad Kennedy (bass) Marcus Lee (drums)

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - TriggerPulse (Official Audio) | Napalm Records

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