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Hollywood Scars - Volume One

We just got our hands the debut release from a new project called Maps to the Hollywood Scars. Their debut EP is simply titled 'Volume One' and features a brief, 20 minute assault of guitar-driven anthems that are worth every moment of the album.

This project came about as a collaboration between Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi and American Idol finalist James Durbin. It's worth noting that this project was recorded prior to Durbin's joining of Quiet Riot a few months back.

The EP starts out with "Roads," a ripping track that combines elements of rock, punk and 1980's metal.

The EP's strongest song "Lost Boys" comes in as the third track. Complete with catchy hooks, a great chorus line (Sleep all day/Party all night/I'm not a hero) and the inescapable nostalgia factor as this is a clear not to the 1980's sci-fi/horror movie by the same name.

"Never Ending Ride" wraps up the EP with another power fueled anthem, rounding out a short but fun-filled experience, fueled with tons of passion and energy. For anyone looking to find their new favorite tracks, or something comfortably reminiscent of a time when rock was more fun and less serious, give this one a spin!

Maps to the Hollywood Scars 'Volume One" was released on February 17th via New Ocean Media, with 'Volume Two' due out later this spring.

Pictured: James Durbin (left) and Alex Grossi (right)

Maps To The Hollywood Scars: "Till Death" (Lyric Video)

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