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KMFDM - Hell Yeah

KMFDM are back, this time with their 20th studio release titled 'Hell Yeah,' which was released on August 18th via earMusic Records.

This album couldn't come at a more appropriate time for the band, as KMFDM have made their name in the techno-industrial scene by delivering album after album of songs littered with political statements. It seems that's all the rage these days, but no one does it quite as well as these Germans do.

They have mastered the ability to unite people behind a common message, instead of dividing their fans, like so many artists tend to do. With standout tracks like "Total State Machine" and "Fake News," they're not taking sides. Front man and bass player Sascha Konietzko delivers the message loud and clear on "Total State Machine" with lines "The government hates you, hates you 'cuz your free" to the backdrop of KMFDM's classic industrial sound. On "Fake News" the message they leave it up to the listener to decide how to feel about this new term.

It's refreshing to see such a strong effort coming this deep into KMFDM's 33 year career. While it would be easy to interpret their anti-fascism, anti-oppression message as being anti-Trump (and perhaps it is), it would be just as lazy to ignore the fact that this band has stood against these things for the entirety of their career. This message isn't anything new, it's just back en vogue again.

Regardless of your point of view, the common denominator here is an album that rocks hard, makes you think and is best served loud. Go check it out!

KMFDM "Murder My Heart" Official Music Video

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