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The Importance Of Music In 2020

Here at Alive N Loud Magazine we have been so fortunate to bring you images and stories from all across the United States from the most talented and diverse musicians out there. Ever since the beginning of the year we have been hearing about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and I believe that not many of us if any of us at all were fully aware that it would shake us all to our very core. Closing restaurants, barbers, small business owners all around and inevitably closing down concerts. Now this isn’t something that is just closing down a small run of shows, this has shut down festivals and tours amassing thousands of fans and workers who dedicate entire weeks and months to working them and ensure we all have fun and are safe. From the bar staff to the paramedics and the artists themselves and their crews. Even our promoters are being hit.

It goes without saying that these are scary times for us all in many ways. There is one thing that can keep us all united during this trying time. Music. With the power to move our feet, our mind, and get us banging our head to our favorite Metallica or Slipknot songs. Music has always been there for us. Now more than ever we need to rely on music as musicians rely on us, the fans. We need to put aside the whole “well they’re rock stars so they’ll be fine” cliche. These people, a lot of them have worked their whole lives to get to the point of touring. Sacrificing relationships and their own ambitions and beliefs to get to the point where they “make it”. Think back to a time when a song came on the radio and moved you. Maybe you had a bad shift as a police officer, factory worker, fast food worker, firefighter or nurse. Music has always been there for you.

It’s time we really remember the importance of music and the role it plays in our day to day lives. The scope of music is so vast that it spans centuries. But what goes behind the music? The crews and teams that help out these tours and shows together for us every night. These crews are hurting right now. For them touring isn’t just a dream or a goal. It’s their livelihood. How they provide for their families. How they experience the world. I want to use this time of crisis as a moment of solidarity, uniting our artists, their crews, and their fans. Let’s all show music how important it is to us and really get a conversation started in our everyday lives about it. Let’s remember the joy, pain, laughter, rage, the head banging moments, the moments of pure adrenaline and open our minds to the realm of music. After all, it's therapy!

I spoke to several artists and crew in the music industry and asked them this question, ”what does music mean to you?” Here’s what they all had to say;

“Music is literally magic. It's a universal language. Being able to put my whole being into what I'm passionate about, and for that to connect and evoke emotions, memories, feelings, inspirations for others is unreal. I feel very fortunate for what music has brought into my life, the experiences, the people, the places, the lessons, the perspectives, the opportunities, etc. Magic.”

- Brian Medeiros (former drummer for Otherwise)

“Music is an emotion. It has the power to change the atmosphere in the room. For some it can take the pain away from what they are going through. It also can take you back to a moment in time with an experience you may have had in your life. For others, music can be the soundtrack for your road trip to the beach. I am very thankful to have had music in my life to get me through the worst times in my life and the happiest times. Music has been such a huge part of my life, I don’t know who I would be without it. I feel very blessed to be able to work in the music industry and to help bring the experience music offers to others.”

- Peyton Chisholm (Monitor Tech at I Prevail)

Above: Ben Wells of Black Stone Cherry

“Music, now more than ever, is an essential business. Granted, all musicians understand that we can’t tour because we have the utmost safety of our fans and ourselves as the main priority. However, music is one thing that I believe is truly helping people during this time. People need entertainment. They need a release. Can you imagine this pandemic without the release of putting on your favorite record and escaping for a while?! Artists are getting creative and finding ways to connect with their audience and that alone is a silver lining in all of this. I think I speak for all bands when I say that concerts, when allowed again, will be so much sweeter and never taken for granted “

- Ben Wells (Guitarist for Black Stone Cherry)

Above: Pearl Aday at Bourbon and Beyond 2019

“Music is always important, but especially in trying times like these when we all need each other, when we all need to remember that we are not alone. We have music to remind us that no matter what, we as a planet can always come together and speak with each other, and feel each other, and support each other through music. Music is an expression, it is an outlet, a cure, an embrace, and a defense. Whatever you need, music can and will be there for you, and we all need a little extra help right now. Music is love. Music is life.”

- Pearl Aday (Recording Artist)

Above: Kyle Konkiel of Bad Wolves

“I think music is important now more than ever. With how the world is currently and lock down laws being extended. I believe that music is what people need to help them get through tough times. With the uncertainties of when live shows will be happening again. I believe that new music and records will be back in a way that no one would ever thought could happen. People need us more than ever. I try to dedicate everyday to writing at least a part of a song, that’s my coping mechanism. I really feel like we’re going to be getting some of the best music we’ve ever heard in the next year and I certainly can’t wait for it. I know that my life wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is without music and my hope is that we( as musicians) can still do the same for others. “

- Kyle Konkiel (Bassist for Bad Wolves)

Now the question remains. “What does music mean to you? How do you show it? Tell your favorite band or artist how important their music is to you and how it has impacted your life. Realize that we are a part of a massive community. A network of individuals that have the biggest common denominator. The power of music is so vast that you can’t see it end. So let us not allow it to end. @ your favorite bands on social media, post a video, get creative and show them love. A lot of artists are doing their part in these times and have set up relief funds for their crews by doing limited edition merch, some are even donating to the frontline heroes themselves such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, paramedics, fire and PD. Check out and see how you can help. After all who doesn’t need a sick band tee! In the meantime, talk with friends, share your favorite songs and records with them. With all the hurt, we could use the healing.

Below is a list of bands who are, in their own ways helping their crews and benefiting frontline workers and at risk individuals. Click on each link and discover how you can help their cause like they’ve helped us with their music. Killswitch Engage, Bad Wolves, The Used, Deftones, I Prevail, Dance Gavin Dance, Black Stone Cherry, Nothing More, Alter Bridge, Metallica, Slipknot, Black Sabbath, and Pantera to name a few. Keep your eyes open for more of your favorite artists and learn how you can help!

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