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Edge of Paradise - 'The Unknown' Track by Track

We are just a mere two days away from the release of Edge of Paradise' latest effort, 'The Unknown.' As I've posted several times over the summer, I'm really excited about this album. If the performance of the singles released so far are any indication, this album is about to explode!

I was fortunate to have a follow-up interview with vocalist Margarita Monet over the summer, where she broke down 'The Unknown' track by track. As a life-long fan of music, this kind of thing has always really appealed to me. I remember reading Metal Edge and Hit Parader in high school and college, as I would dive in looking for as much detail on the music I was listening to at the time. It seemed only fitting, then, to explore every corner of an album like 'The Unknown.'

Check out the full interview below and please let us know what you think. More importantly, go check this album out on Friday! I pre-ordered my vinyl copy months ago and can't wait for it to arrive soon!

Also, look for a related interview with 'The Unknown' producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, P.O.D, Halestorm etc) coming very soon!

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