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Interview: Daemien Drake of Reddstar

The music industry is about to get a major facelift and we have Reddstar to thank for that! Assembled from three different corners of the United States, Reddstar is coming in hot with a fresh sound and badass temperament that fuses rock and rap in a killer way! But the fun is just beginning with these guys, they just filmed a music video for their debut single “STFU” with Brian Cox who has directed videos for the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Cypress Hill and Hollywood Undead!

Our very own Brandon Hanks was able to grab this very exclusive interview with lead singer Daemien Drake to discuss what it was like to form a band, write and record during a global pandemic. This is very much an entertaining story and one we believe will be something to look back on down the road when this band is headlining shows and festivals!

Drake: “Literally we all live in different places and this shit works!”

Drake: “Our producer has helped us make what we had and make it into what we’ve become”

STFU (Official Video)


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