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Interview: Jarvis Leatherby from Night Demon

(from L to R) Armand John Anthony - Lead Guitar, Jarvis Leatherby - Bass/Vocals, Dusty Squires - Drums

This week, we caught up with Night Demon vocalist and bassist, Jarvis Leatherby. Jarvis has been in Ireland since late 2020, where he's been finishing up the vocal tracks for their upcoming third full-length album release. During our interview, we dive into a number of topics including the upcoming album, how the band have kept creative over the course of the pandemic, Night Demon's new "Subscriber's Lair" and what ever happened to those lost copies of their "Vysteria" 7" vinyl single last year?

These guys have been insanely busy over the last year and a half, and they're set to explode when their touring resumes in 2022. If you just stumbled on this interview, then you're in for a real treat. Night Demon has been slowly building an incredibly faithful following in the heavy metal community over the last several years. They deliver a consistent and faithful sound that's both inventive and nostalgic.

Here's a few choice excerpts from our discussion:

Regarding the Subscribers Lair, and the constant stream of content that the band has been providing through it:

Jarvis: "If we're going to do this, we have to agree that we're going to go all in on it. We're going to put serious effort into it, and we're not going to let up on it."

Regarding how interactive the band is with their fans:

Jarvis: "People that create art, they want to know about the people that consume it."

On why they chose to build their own platform instead of using Patreon or any third party platforms:

Jarvis: "What we didn't like about it, was the different levels of subscribership. We wanted one level of subscribership, where everyone gets in at the same price, and never raise it."

Find Night Demon Online:

Spotify: Night Demon

Apple Music: Night Demon

YouTube: Night Demon

As referenced in the mini-documentary that Metal Injection posted a few week ago, where Jarvis goes into how he's spending his time in Ireland:

About Night Demon:

Night Demon erupted onto the underground heavy metal scene with a self-titled four-song EP in 2012. Showcasing a sound forged in a deep-seated passion for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal melded to distinctly American muscle and swagger, and embracing a rigorous touring schedule, Night Demon quickly gained momentum in the USA and Europe. In January 2015, the band released their first full-length album, Curse of the Damned, which refined the band’s trademark sound and garnered widespread acclaim by fans and critics alike. To promote the record, Night Demon hit the killing road for the better part of two years, crisscrossing the United States multiple times, touring the European market relentlessly, and even veering off the beaten path with extensive dates in Mexico, South America and Latin America.

The Night Demon legend continued to grow with the release of their second full-length album, Darkness Remains, in April 2017. Darkness Remains saw the band delivering all of the expected NWOBHM-inspired thrills and chills, but also honing their songwriting chops, developing more of an individual sound, sharpening their attack, and even taking a few chances along the way. The album was lauded by leading journalists, publications and webzines around the world, hauling in top honors in numerous end-of-year polls and lists. True to form, Night Demon again embarked on a grueling touring regimen, including headlining the Darkness over Europe tour and spending five weeks in Europe as direct support for German metal masters Accept. To celebrate their accomplishments thus far and document their ferocious live rituals, Night Demon released a comprehensive, career-spanning live album, Live Darkness, in August 2018. Recorded before a packed house of longtime friends and supporters in their adopted second home of Cleveland, Ohio, Live Darkness captured the band’s energy and intensity on that magical night, yielding definitive versions of the Night Demon catalog. More intensive touring followed, including a headlining appearance at the Hell Over Hammaburg Festival in Hamburg, Germany in early 2019, with special guest Uli Jon Roth joining the band for a spinetingling encore of the Scorpions classics “In Trance” and “Top of the Bill.”

Night Demon, consisting of Jarvis Leatherby (vocals/bass), Armand John Anthony (guitar) and Dusty Squires (drums), now have their sights set firmly on the future. Although the coronavirus crisis has temporarily grounded their tour plans, the band are plotting their triumphant return to the live arena as soon as global health and safety restrictions permit. When that magnificent time comes, there will come another night in another venue when Night Demon conjure magic, make history, and place us all in a collective trance once again.


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