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Interview: Mike O’Laskey

Since the dawn of the 90’s, youth and young adults alike have been enthralled with high-octane and over the top action shows and film. If you ever watched tv during that period or went to a theater to see your favorite entry in the 3 Ninjas Franchise you may know who our first non-musical guest is. ‘Big Bang’ Mike O’Laskey! That’s right, Colt from the 3 Ninjas Franchise, the last original Red Ranger and martial arts champion will be our first guest from the realm of Hollywood.

O’Laskey got his start in the early 90’s playing Young Rocky in 1993, captivating audiences worldwide in the multicultural phenomenon that is Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He would go on to much success not long after portraying the character of Colt in 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain alongside professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and the late comedic genius Jim Varney.

Carrying the torch for us nostalgia nuts and overall lovers of all things martial arts and entertainment, O’Laskey also entered into the sport of mixed martial arts and has competed all over the world, in a brutally brilliant fashion. So naturally I wanted to get an audience with the man himself and discuss his upcoming fight with the blue turbo ranger Blake Foster for the title of “World’s Toughest Ranger” on September 18th right in O’Laskey’s backyard.

It was an absolute joy to share the platform with this incredibly genuine guy who is also so passionate about teaching our youth the art as well, with his Ranger Academy in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Join us for this fun interview!

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