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Blink-182 Leads an Action-Packed Linup Through Darien Lake

How awesome is it being All Time Low and A Day To Remember right now? Two bands who have cited the importance of Blink-182 in their own existence are now opening the show on the band's latest US Tour. Although they've been tasked with warming up the crowd, both bands have earned elite status in the pop punk world and could easily step up to the headliner slot.

The massive amphitheater tour that stopped by Darien Lake played host to a wide array of fans, Teens, a college crowd, parents chaperoning their teens, even the seasoned blink fans now bringing their kids to their first show.

Both ATL and ADTR had strong fan presence representing. They ripped through favorites "Weightless" and "The Downfall of Us All" as bras went airborne, landing on mic stands and guitars. A real highlight came when A Day To Remember slowed things down late in the set with the singalong ballad "If It Means A Lot To You".

Finally, in traditional Blink fashion, the black curtain rose as anticipation built. "Feeling This" could be the opening track for the rest of the band's career and I'd be completely fine with that. It serves as the perfect stage introduction that opens with a bang and sets the tone for the rest of the non-stop sing a long of songs. Among the set riddled with classic Blink hits, it was the new tracks off the newly released California that seemed to pack the most energy and enthusiasm. And they were a welcomed addition to the night. It was great seeing Matt Skiiba in his element, showing off the songs he was a part of creating. The band's chemistry on stage was top notch.

Now if they could just figure out Buffalo's celebratory "Heeey -ey-ey-ey...Let's Go Buffalo. " "What is that really a thing?" Mark Hoppus asked the sea of fans chanting the shout song. "Buffalo Sabres right?" Skiiba acknowledged.

Apart from the new songs, some additional highlights included hearing some non-setlist staples such as Enema of The State's "Dysentary Gary" and "Not Now". The night concluded post-Dammit with Travis Barker's son Landon taking his father's throne behind the kit to lead a heartwarming impromptu jam session with Hoppus and Skiiba, bringing a whole new layer to "Well I guess this is growing up."

Blink 182 Setlist: August 24th, 2016 - Darien Lake

1. Feeling This

2. What's My Age Again?

3. Family Reunion

4. The Rock Show

5. Cynical

6. First Date

7. Down

8. I Miss You

9. Bored to Death

10. Built This Pool

11. Dumpweed

12. Stay Together for the Kids

13. Reckless Abandon

14. San Diego

15. Not Now

16. Violence

17. Kings of the Weekend

18. Dysentery Gary

19. Happy Holidays, You Bastard

20. Los Angeles


21. Carousel

22. All the Small Things

23. Brohemian Rhapsody

24. Dammit

blink-182 - Bored To Death (Official Video)


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