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Interview - Lita Ford

We recently had the opportunity to interview Lita Ford, who is currently on tour with Halestorm and Dorothy across North America. Read our transcript below, as Lita discusses her current album 'Time Capsul,' the current tour, what's next and where she stands in regards to a possible future reunion with The Runaways.

Alive N' Loud: You're currently touring in support of the 'Time Capsule' album. Have you been able to work much of that material into your live set?

Lita Ford: No, we haven't had time for rehearsals yet, those songs are quite complicated and need rehearsing…. although we do the INTRO which introduces the show, the audience loves it. We are going to work a few songs into our set after the Halestorm shows are over.

Alive N' Loud: What made 2016 the right time to release this collection of treasures with such a diverse and impressive group of musicians?

Lita Ford: SPV records were looking to release another Lita album, we though the fans may like to hear Time Capsule in the raw.

Alive N' Loud: Long before the first leg of this tour earlier in the year, Lzzy Hale has been referred to as this generations Lita. As such a strong front-woman and unapologetic rock star, I can certainly see where that comes from. What are your thoughts?

Lita Ford: I am very happy to have been a role model for someone as talented and wonderful as Lzzy. Unlike myself who only had men to look up to as role models, ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’. Lzzy is my protege and I am very proud of her, to have helped create such an awesome persona in rock n roll today…

Alive N' Loud: It must be humbling for a newer band like Halestorm, and a strong up-and-comer like Dorothy to tour with one of the greats. How have the dynamics of this tour played out between the three bands?

Lita Ford: The first meeting of Lzzy was like looking in the mirror. I looked and for the first time ever, someone exactly like me looked back! Right down to her LITA shoes made by Jeffrey Campbell. ;-), her guitars and her nail polish. But Lzzy is a talent in her own right. All she did was follow a path that wasn’t there when I was a kid. She also has a lot of love and support from her family, band members, and loved ones who are constantly around her, which is huge. As a team, they fit so perfectly together!

Dorothy is also an amazing vocalist with a bluesy feel. I’ve seen how hard she work, it comes across in her performance along with a kick ass band.

Alive N' Loud:Is there any chance we'll see some collaborative work at some point involving any members of Halestorm or Dorothy with you?

Lita Ford: I think working with Lzzy is a must!!! I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head, especially since we are gearing up to start recording the new album. Preforming live with all three of us and my band at Websters Hall was exciting! CLOSE MY EYES and CHERRY BOMB . It was magical.

Alive N' Loud: What's next for you after this tour wraps up?

Lita Ford: To keep touring and to finish recording a new album…

Alive N' Loud: There have been plenty of on-again/off-again rumors regarding a Runaways reunion.

To keep things a simple as possible, is your door open that that possibility someday?

Lita Ford: I would love it… but … It’s not something Jett’s camp wants.

Alive N' Loud: With such an impressive and extensive history. Is there anyone out there that you'd like to tour with that you haven't gotten a chance to yet?

Lita Ford: The Rolling Stones or Aerosmith.

Alive N' Loud: Do you have any touring plans lined up for 2017?

Lita Ford: Yes! The year is filling up fast!

Catch Lita Ford on one of her upcoming tour dates. Click the banner below for tickets:

with Halestorm and Dorothy:

Oct 25 - Kalamazoo, MI

Oct 26 - Toronto, ON

Oct 28 - Montreal, QB

Oct 29 - Utica, NY

Headlining Tour:

Oct 30 - Rochester, NY

Oct 31 - Sellersville, PA

Nov 1 - Fall River, MA

Nov 3 - Las Vegas, NV

Nov 19 - Santa Ana, CA

Dec 1 - Northampton, PA

Dec 2 - Hopewell, VA

Dec 8 - Forth Worth, TX

Dec 10 - Versailles, OH

Dec 11 - Annapolis, MD

Dec 15 - Memphis, TN

Dec 16 - Louisville, KY

Dec 17 - Corbin, KY

Dec 29 - Clearwater, FL

Dec 30 - Jacksonville, FL

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